About Guy Morrell-Stinson

Guy is an extraordinarily creative visionary, teacher, leadership trainer, author and international speaker. Guy is gifted with deep intuition, creativity, and strategic insight, which he uses to help people transform their lives, relationships, potential, businesses, and ministries.

Guy is from South Africa where he earned a degree in graphic design and marketing. Guy went on to work as a computer graphics specialist for SABC TV. Guy's creative ability to think both linearly and laterally led him into business, stock market trading, leadership training and personal development coaching. Guy is the pioneer of Soulthentics (http://Soulthentics.com) and the author of Soul Fractures (http://Soul-Fractures.com). Guy is also the founder of Leaders Worldwide (http://Leaders-worldwide.com) and several other initiatives designed to uplifted people.

What is keeping Guy Morrell-Stinson busy

Guy Morrell-Stinson is working on the pre-launch phase of the Greatest Impact (http://Greatest-Impact.com) which is a new paradigm for the development of the whole person. The objective is to help people achieve higher levels of success in their life, health, wealth, personal development and relationships. The Greatest Impact is the result of a lifetime of questioning what causes some people to succeed and others to fail.

International Speaker

Guy has spoken to leaders around the world on topics ranging from leadership to personal development to stock market trading. Guy is an accomplished speaker and a creative out-of-the-box thinker with a passion to help people realize their fullest potential.

Favorite Topics

Leadership, Soul Fractures, Personal Development, Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Church Growth and more.

Guy Morrell-Stinson: The Author

Guy is the author of several books that range from human potential to leadership development and to understanding the structure and healing of the soul. Guy's books are recommended reading for people interested in developing as a whole person and a leader.

Guy's latest books are:
Soul Fractures and The Greatest Impact

Guy Morrell-Stinson for Social media
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Speaking Engagements: Contacting Guy

Guy may be available for speaking engagements on and offline. The preferred way to establish contact if via Guy's Facebook page where you can message him directly once you have 'Liked" his page.

Alternatively, leave a message at:
+1 561 223 9473
(All spam calls blocked.)


Nancy Burroughs

Nancy Burroughs International

"Guy Morrell-Stinson is a new paradigm thinker. His wisdom soars as he trains people about their soul and when coaching with him the breakthroughs come easily. After training with him I would highly recommend attending his courses and getting personally coached. "

Terilee Harrison

TEAM AV Franchise Owner

"Guy Morrell-Stinson has an extraordinary gift to help human beings reach their full potential to be the person God made them to be. I also highly recommend him as a leadership development trainer for your organization. He is THE teacher who can guide your people toward positive change."

Ron Johnson

Revolution Financial Management

"My wife and I had a great coaching session with GUY last night his simple thought provoking questions assisted us in breaking through a few walls! Awesome and it did not hurt!"

Matthew Hissong

Hyht Athletic Center

"Guy is an amazing inspiration and really takes technical problems in business and approaches them from a unique and effective perspective. An inspirational leader and an amazing human being, this man is a force to be reckoned with. An amazing asset to any team or business."

Projects Guy is Working On

The following is a short list of projects that are at various stages of development.

Greatest-Impact.com Visit Site
Leadersworldwide.com Visit Site
Worldwidecertification.com Visit Site
TheChurch.Today Visit Site
Soulthentics.com Visit Site
TheChristianpreneur.com Visit Site

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