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About Guy

Guy is an extraordinarily creative visionary, teacher, leadership trainer, author and international speaker.  Guy is gifted with deep intuition, creativity, and strategic insight, which he uses to help people transform their lives, relationships, potential, businesses, and ministries.

"Guy Morrell-Stinson is a new paradigm thinker. His wisdom soars as he trains people about their soul and when coaching with him the breakthroughs come easily because he teaches people how to access their inner truth. He has mastered what drives and motivates people." - Nancy Burroughs


Guy's Books

Guy is the author of several books
that range from human potential to
leadership development to understanding
the structure and healing of the soul.

Guy is an explorer of life with a deep interest in
why some people succeed while others fail.

This is recommended reading for anyone who wants
to grow as a whole person and a leader.

Buy the books: Soul Fractures | The Greatest Impact

Leadership Development & Mentoring

"The Greatest Gift you can give to Your Self is to take the time to Develop as a Leader."
- Guy Morrell-Stinson

There is no greater investment that you can make in your life, than to learn to lead by developing your leadership skills. Your success in life; your promotions and the success you will experience in relationships - is based directly on your ability to lead effectively.

Services Offered

Individual Mentoring | Group Training | Church Leadership | Entrepreneurial Development

Start Your Own Business!

"I have a strong belief in the spirit of an entrepreneur. There is no greater means to change the world or live a life of greatest impact, than to be an entrepreneur with a vision to make real difference."
- Guy Morrell-Stinson

Services Offered

Entrepreneurial Coaching | Mentoring | Online Training

Public Speaking

Guy has spoken to leaders around the world on topics ranging from leadership to personal development to stock market trading. Guy is an accomplished speaker and a creative out-of-the-box thinker with a passion to help people realize their fullest potential.

Favorite Topics

Leadership, Soul Fractures, Personal Development, Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Church Growth and more.

Projects I'm Working On

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